Common Rail Fuel Filter
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Common Rail Overview
  - Common Rail Direct Injection
- Accumulates fuel using high-pressure pump
  at 1,300~1,400bar and spays it into injector.
- Improves the vibration noise exhaust gas
- Improved fuel economy compared with gasoline
Action of Common Rail Diesel Engine
  - Sprays fuel directly at a combustion chamber unlike the traditional engine supplying fuel and
  air through a mixer
- Improves the engine efficiency
- Controllable regardless of the engine
Common Rail Fuel Filter System
  - A system which promotes the fuel supply.
- Structure of a fuel filter
   = Head pump : Fuel inhalation & exhaustion
   = External heater sensor : Heats fuel to
      prevent waxing effects under a specific
   = Fuel filter : Separates moisture from
     light oil.
   = Moisture sensor : The moisture warning
     light twinkles when a fuel filter is
     filled with a specific amount of water.
Roles of Water Sensor
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